Multiplex Space For Sale and Rent in Gurgaon

83 Metro Street will surely open the way for broadening economic activity in Gurgaon. The commercial project situated on the Dwarka Expressway or Northern Periphery Road is generating a big buzz as it’s the most promising upcoming mall in Gurgaon. The excellent retail project boasts of incredible facilities that include food courts, gym, spa, multiplex theaters, gaming arcade, fine dining restaurants and so many more. If anybody is searching for a multiplex for sale in Gurgaon,

83 Metro Street is the luxury enterprise that comprises of all the modern amenities and most importantly situated in a location of great potential to make all your dreams come true. It is built by emphasizing all the dynamic needs required in the modern times and will provide a spacious office space, commercial shops, and other required amenities at the core of Gurgaon. If anyone is looking for Multiplex space for rent in Gurgaon, don’t miss out 83 Metro Street, it houses 5 exclusive Multiplex screens that gives a matchless experience while watching a movie. Outstanding features like comfortable seating, realistic acoustics, world-class speech-intelligibility makes it one of a kind. Location advantage is a great thing as the project can be easily connected to metro and ISBT, as well as Delhi and Gurgaon making the economic activity in both the cities flourish. Although many new projects on Dwarka Expressway are coming up, 83 metro street just solves all the constraints and addresses power backup, security, and transportation in the most efficient way.

Apart from the great ambiance and superb sound system, it ultimately provides anyone a luxurious cinematic experience. 83 metro street is an ideal pick if anyone is looking for a Multiplex space for sale in Gurgaon. Spread across a vast area of 16,997 sq. mt. (4.2 acres) 83 Metro Street certainly paves a way for the smart growth of various brands. The multiplex composed of 5 splendid screens proves a great investment opportunity as the approx 55741 sq. mt. (6,00,000 sq.ft.) of the marvelous project is poised to welcome high-end brands,  recreation areas, fine dining restaurants, spacious food courts, gym and spa, devoted corporate suits and office spaces. If a person is searching for multiplex for rent in Gurgaon, without a doubt 83 Metro Street is the best choice. Some of the other commendable features of the upcoming enterprise include Anchor store with virtual space investment options and a glorious office suite with a great view of Dwarka Expressway.

Situated in the main location opposite to  ISBT and metro station, 83 Metro Street is really worth your time if you are looking for multiplex for sale in Gurgaon. The food courts have a lot of good restaurants that constantly expand their food menus making the moviegoers to stop at the food court before or after the show.  The commercial project situated at one of the prominent locations will definitely broaden the scope of economic activity thereby giving shape to your dreams.